Understanding the Nature of SearchLock

SearchLockSearchLock is referred to as a search engine and browser extension which helps in protecting your privacy through the preventing yourself from logging your keywords when you search the internet or web. Various search engines like Bing and Google store search terms in ways which can be associated to you personally. This SearchLock browser extension also prevents the recording of the search queries you done as you letter by letter type your query. The privacy-enhancing search engine of SearchLock does not log IP address or any detail or information that will identify the user personally.

How can it keep searches private?

This is also one of the questions raised by most users. They are confused if how can SearchLock ensure the safety of their searches. SearchLock is equipped with lots of privacy-enhancing features to ensure that they will effectively keep all your search activities in private.  SearchLock makes use of patent-pending process in order to detect if the browser is attempting to send search queries directly on the search engine, without respecting the privacy of the user and it also blocks the search query from doing this to the server where this might be logged. With this, the search query will be diverted into the privacy-enhanced search results page of SearchLock, keeping your privacy safe and secured. In addition to that, if you use SearchLock extension, the keystrokes will also be protected from being tracked or recorded because they already block them from going in to the companies that don’t keep your web searches anonymous.

Is SSL used in SearchLock?

Of course, Yes! SearchLock is using SSL. The traffic which travels amidst you and the search service of SearchLock are entirely SSL encrypted. It only means that the smooth connection between the safe search results page and browser of SearchLock together with all your search queries are safely encrypted. The SSL used by SearchLock has been rated “A” by the Qualys SSL Labs. Aside from that, the SearchLock SSL’s has been applied with “perfect-forward secrecy” that ensure no one will try to intrude or intercept the search queries.

SearchLock browser extension provides extra layer for privacy protection, in which you will not only receive this by means of using the privacy-friendly search engine or SearchLock alone. Generally, if you type your query into the browser, the browser then sends every keystroke to various search engines like Google so that, the search suggestions will be returned efficiently. The SearchLock can stop logging and it also inhibits the keystrokes from traveling going to the hands of companies which does not really know how to respect privacy.

SearchLockThe purpose of SearchLock is to make sure that your searches are safe and private. However, when you leave the search results, SearchLock cannot provide you with 100% assurance that it will not be tracked that is why, they are recommending higher level of anonymity. They recommend users to make use of VPN service as this will give you assurance that everything is private and safe. The SearchLock servers can be located in different data centers in United States. Their servers are truly secure and you can have the assurance that your search histories are safe.

So, if you want to make sure that no one will try to interrupt or intercept your searches, SearchLock is essentially helpful for you. They can assure you that your search queries will not be compromised. The only thing that you need to do is to install this on your computer by means of following the instructions carefully. With this, there is nothing to worry about if you want to search data continuously.